OEM Whirlpool Microwave Charcoal Filter Originally Shipped With WMH32519HB1, WMH32519HB2, WMH32519HT0


Brand: Whirlpool

Product Description

  • The Size Of This Grease Filter Is Approximately 5-1/2 x 3-1/4 Inches!
  • This Item Is NEW!
  • This Is A True Whirlpool Part!
  • Don't See Your Model Number? Send Us A Message!

This charcoal filter that resides just above the microwave door. The user manual that came with your microwave has instructions on how to replace this filter! This original Whirlpool Microwave Charcoal Filter originally shipped with the following Whirlpool devices: WMH32519HB1, WMH32519HB2, WMH32519HT0 This is a true Whirlpool part! This item is NEW! Don't see your model number? Send us a message as we are happy to help!

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Ask a Question
  • i need charcoal filter for whirlpool microwave model wmh32519hz-1

    the wmh32519hz-1 microwave has two filters.  the grease filter is silver and located on the bottom of the microwave.  the black charcoal filter is located behind the vent above the door.  these filters are sold individually.  here are the links:

    Grease Filter

    Charcoal Filter

  • I need charcoal filter for whirlpool microwave wmh32519hz-5

    we can help with the wmh32519hz-5.  the following offering will NOT include your model but we have verified that this is the correct filter.  please know that the charcoal filter goes behind the vent - here is the offering.  https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/oem-whirlpool-microwave-charcoal-filter-originally-shipped-with-wmh32519hz0-wmh32519hz1-wmh32519hz2

  • I need the charcoal filter for a whirpool microwave Wmh32519hb-4. Do you have it?

    we can help with the charcoal filter for the WMH32519HB4.  the offering that you inquired about - this is the charcoal for your microwave as well.  here is a link to return you to the offering that you inquired about that is the correct filter for your microwave.  https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/oem-whirlpool-microwave-charcoal-filter-originally-shipped-with-wmh32519hb1-wmh32519hb2-wmh32519ht0