Special Orders and PO’s

If you do not see your model number or part, let us help you find what you are looking for!

To make a request, simply send an email to sales@parts-distribution.com  In the email, please include:

  1.  The type of equipment(Projector, Scanner, Printer, Camera, Etc).
  2.  The fullmodel nameof your equipment.  Normally, this can be found on the back or bottom of the equipment.  
  3.  A descriptionof what are looking for including where it normally resides within your equipment.  
  4.  When you need the part by.
  5.  If you have pictures - don't be shy about attaching them.  Note, we only open .jpg pictures.

When you do a special order, please know the following:

  1.  The parts that you receive will be OEM parts.  You will NOT receive a knock off.
  2.  The parts that you receive will be NEW.
  3.  We guarantee that the part we order is the part you described.
  4.  If we don't have your item in stock, it normally takes about a three weeks for us to obtain the part.
  5.  Special Order items can not be returned.
  6.  Our conducting research is a FREE service.
  7.  If you should decide to place an item on special order, payment for the item is collected BEFORE the part is actually ordered.
  8.  If you request research to be completed, please know that we provide our internal part number which is not the Epson part number.

If you dread email, we understand.  Just give us a call!  720-379-8578.

This service is for individuals that know what part they are looking for.  If you are unsure what internal part you require, please do NOT send us a request to diagnose a problem or prescribe a part.  Any requests that we receive asking for a diagnosis will be happily responded to with the above sentences!

Parts-Distribution proudly supports Schools and the Government (at all levels - Local, City, State and Federal) by accepting purchase orders.  We do NOT accept purchase orders from businesses or for-profit schools.

To initiate an order using a Purchase Order, simply send us an email noting the parts that you require and the necessary quantities. If you require corporate information from us, such as our W9, simply include your request in this email.

When we reply back, we will include a quick quote, detail whether the necessary quantities are in stock and include any requested corporate information.  

When a purchase order has been issued, simply remit your order along with a copy of the purchase order by Email to sales@parts-distribution.com  

We will only accept purchase orders that are on School or Government letterhead.  All purchase orders must be signed by an authorized individual.  Either in the remitting email or on the purchase order, we require a full shipping address of where the product should be shipped and an address of where the invoice should be remitted to.  Contact information of the ordering party should be included in this email which should include the name, phone number and email address.  We only accept orders by email.  We do NOT accept Faxes.  

When we ship your order (normally within one business day), orders will be shipped with signature confirmation.  We will automatically include a invoicing packet with the product and also mail an additional copy of the invoicing packet to the designated accounting contact.  

The invoice packet will include a copy of our invoice, a copy of the remitted purchase order, a copy of our W9 and a copy of the shipping label.  We trust that the ordering party will follow through to ensure that their accounting department receives all the necessary information to authorize payment.

We are not shy - if anything looks amiss, we will reach out to the ordering party.  Things that can slow down the processing of your order could be:

  1.  Unsigned Purchase Order.  
  2.  The remitting party utilizing a non-organizational email address (yahoo.com, gmail.com, etc.).

Questions about the above?  Send us an email at sales@parts-distribution.com or give us a call:  720-379-8578. 

Don't see your part?  Reach out to us by email or phone - if we don't have your part, we will do our best to obtain it for you!