OEM Sharp Microwave WHITE Turntable Tray Plate Shipped With R1850A, R-1850A


Brand: Sharp

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Product Description

  • This Is A True Sharp Part!
  • This Is A Stock Item And Immediately Ships!
  • Don't See Your Model Number? Send Us A Message!

This offering is for ONE New Sharp Microwave WHITE Plate that originally shipped with the following Sharp models: R1850A, R-1850A This is a true Sharp part! Don't see your model number? Send us a message - we are happy to help! This item ships FREE within the USA!


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  • Can you tell me the dimensions (diameter) of the groove on the bottom of the is plate? Thanks for your time on this. Tom

    sharp only makes a few white plates...we recently helped out a nice person with a white plate for their RV.  if you would please send us your model number of your microwave - happy to pull the tech bulletins for you!  mm

  • sharp convection microwave turntable model #1850 is needed for our Newmar Dutchstar motorhome need help finding it.

    we don't support your brand - however, we have several sizes of white plates.  what is the diameter of the plate that you are looking for?  there is normally a ring on the back that helps to keep the plate on the turntable support.  what is the inside diameter of the inner ring?

  • We purchased a 1999 Winnebago that has a R-1850A Sharp convection oven. The turntable support assembly is there but it’s missing the center part and proper tray. I can send pics if it helps but we’d love to get these parts if possible! Thanks for any help you can provide! Amy

    first, congrats on your purchase!  we can help with the R-1850A!  okay, there is a center piece - it is metal and connects to the motor.  click HERE for the offering.  the center part that we just referenced connects to a turntable support - the following offering will NOT contain your model but this is the correct turntable support - click HERE for the offering.  finally, the white ceramic plate - click HERE for the offering.

    The good news is that all this is in stock - we can have any of these items shipped out asap!

  • Does this fit my sharp microwave confection oven model number R – 1875 – T. My plate is 13 inches and it is for my RV? Mine fell out and broke into pieces.

    we can help with the r-1875t plate!  click HERE for the offering.  if you prefer long links, here you go!  https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/oem-sharp-microwave-white-ceramic-plate-turntable-originally-shipped-with-r-1874t-r1875t-r-1875t

  • I’m looking for a replacement of the metal black plate of our Sharp Model R-55TS-F

    sorry, that particular turntable for the  R-55TS-F was discontinued.