OEM Samsung TV One Connect Cable And Box Originally Shipped With QN55Q65FMF, QN55Q65FMFXZA, QN55Q6FAMF, QN55Q6FAMFXZA


Brand: Samsung

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Product Description

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  • This Is A True Samsung Part!
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This part allows you to connect multiple devices to your TV. When purchasing a one connect cable and box, please know that these accessories are made for specific televisions. These are not universal as the connectors do come in a variety of sizes. This part does NOT come with installation instructions. This original Samsung TV One Connect Cable And Box originally shipped with the following Samsung devices: QN55Q65FMF, QN55Q65FMFXZA, QN55Q6FAMF, QN55Q6FAMFXZA This is a true Samsung part! This item is NEW! Don't see your model number? Send us a message as we are happy to help!

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  • I have a Samsung UN55MU8000F that the one connect cable and/or box don't seem to work. Is there just a cable that you can connect straight from your TV to the cable box? Thanks, Rhonda

    the way that these tvs are designed - without the one connect cable and box - the TV is essentially a decoration.  there is no way to override the one connect box.  we get calls about this very topic every day.  the box and cable as a set will run $175.99 new.  Note, there is a core charge on box which is why this is so expensive.  the item is also on backorder - we hope to have them in about 30 days - we realize that in TV time this is an eternity.  if you need just the cable - here is a link:  https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/samsung-one-connect-cable-originally-shipped-with-un55mu8000f-un55mu8000fxza

  • basically I tried the one connect box from my friends Samsung UN55KS8000F - Model Code: UN55KS8000FXZA and it didn't work, im not sure if it was the cable or box but the tv was still asking to be connected to a connect one box. Can you please advise on what connect one box and cable I would need for Model No: QN55Q6FAMF The model code is: QN55Q6FAMFXZA Thank you

    we can help with the QN55Q6FAMFXZA One Connect Cable and Box.  click HERE for the offering.  if you prefer long links, here you go!  https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/oem-samsung-tv-one-connect-cable-and-box-originally-shipped-with-qn55q65fmf-qn55q65fmfxza-qn55q6famf-qn55q6famfxza

  • Hi I was gifted the Samsung Model No: QN55Q6FAMF TV with no connect box and ir realized when turning it on it needs a box and cable otherwise it won't work. I ordered one on eBay but I guess it isn't the right one since the remote was different and the TV wouldn't turn on when I plugged it in . The details for the TV are below, it says MFD/FABRIQUE Jan 2018 Model No: QN55Q6FAMF The model code is: QN55Q6FAMFXZA Version No: FA01 Type No: QN55Q6FAM Can you please advise me on if you have the correct cable and connect box for it? I think it is the first version of this TV Thank you!!!

    Here is the thing with the one connect cable and boxes.  There are lots of different variations of the cords.  which means that there are lots of variations of the boxes.  the trick is to keep it easy.  Don't try finding or guessing.  Go with the set that Samsung recommends.  In your case, here is the correct cord and box - click HERE for the offering.