Genuine OEM Samsung Remote Control Originally Shipped With UN50MU6300FXZA, UN50MU630D


Brand: Samsung

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  • This Is A True Samsung Part!
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This NEW OEM Samsung Remote Control originally shipped with the following Samsung devices: UN50MU6300FXZA, UN50MU630D This is a true Samsung part! Don't see your model number listed? Send us a message - We are happy to help!

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  • My TV is a Samsung model UN50MU6300F on the back of the TV also has UN50MU 6300 AC07 VERS. The remote is not working well, especially will the mute function. Which remote will accurately replace it, and how do I “pair” it with the TV?

    we can help.  first, your remote is a bluetooth remote.  from time to time, you do need to complete a manual pair.  on my personal TV, I have had to do a manual pair once in the past two years.    so before you purchase a new remote, do a manual pair on your existing remote to see if it fixes the issues.  here is a link:

    if the above link does not correct your issue, the following link is for the correct remote control.

  • So this remote is the original for un50mu630D

    before samsung completed production of your device, they discontinued the remote and changed to the one in the picture.  they are the same remote.  this is a true samsung.  this is new.  there is no programming.  however, because this is a bluetooth remote, you may need to complete a manual pairing - i have the following link are the samsung instructions for the manual pairing.

  • Will remote control UN50MU630D work to replace UN50MU6300 it no longer works. Thanks you for your help and advice.

    yes it will.

  • Will remote control UN50MU630D work to replace UN50MU 6300. We spilled soda on our remote which is UN50 MU6300 according to the sales receipt and it will no longer work. Thanks you for your help and advice.

    here is the remote that you want - click HERE to see the offering.  if you prefer long links, here you go!

  • Just need one remote, change back to one !

    simply go to the cart - change the quantity to one - and just under the description, there is an update button - simply click this update button.  know that if you would like to call us to input the order, our phone normally goes on around 8am mountain time.

  • Is this OEM remote for Samsung UN60JU7100?

    no. your remote is discontinued. finding the OEM - we would be surprised if you were able to locate one. they went obsolete about 4 years ago. we routinely get calls about the remote. so we finally brought in remote under our Lazellz brand. this is NOT an OEM but works fine. there is a small transmitter that you plug into a USB connector on your TV. install batteries. and you are good to go. there are times when people have to do a manual pairing - included instructions walk you through it - or you can givce us a call. click HERE for the offering.