Genuine OEM Samsung Remote Control Originally Shipped With UN49MU8000FXZA, UN50MU6300F


Brand: Samsung

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  • This Is A True Samsung Part!
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This NEW OEM Samsung Remote Control originally shipped with the following Samsung devices: UN49MU8000FXZA, UN50MU6300F This is a true Samsung part! Don't see your model number listed? Send us a message - We are happy to help!

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  • Will this work with the 7 series RU7100 55 Inc

    the remote that you selected is a blue tooth remote.  and is not the original remote that came with your TV - here is the original remote - your model may not be included in the offering - but this is the original remote for all the RU7100 series televisions.

  • Will thi9s work with a Q65F TV?

    we don't list the Q65F on our site - but the many of the Q65f model numbers take the the following remote:  again, your model number is NOT listed int he preceeding offering - but this is the remote that we would purchase.

  • How do I get Netflix with the tv remote. The remote shows no Netflix however the remote has a button 123 and a button with 4 colors on it. The tv is a smart tv.

    I use the same remote for my TV.  click the home button (looks like a house and is near the volume button) - when you press the house, a menu bar will pop up at the bottom of the screen, toggle over to the netflix option.  if you do not have a netflix option that appears, you may need to install this app on your TV.  if this is the case, there is an option to install apps under the home button.  let us know if this does not make sense.


    normally, you do not need to program or pair these remotes - if you do - and you have the new style remote, click HERE for a quick article on pairing - super easy.  if your buttons don't match up - feel free to give us a call.

  • i need a remote for my TV. i lost the original. it is Samsung model #UN50MU6300F. type 6300. model code UN50MU6300fXZA. Version AC07.serial number 06LF3CBJB18842M. do you have the original remote .... not a replacement?

    first, i think i can answer this for you - know that my intent is to provide information so you can make an informed decision - you probably will not be able to find the original remote that came with your TV.  Samsung discontinued it about a year ago.  samsung says that it is on backorder....but it has been on backorder for a year....we suspect someone simply has not clicked the obsolete button.  next, when stock in the original remote went sideways, samsung came out and said - hey, sell this other remote in its place.  If you go HERE, you can see what this other remote looks like.  is this a true samsung remote?  Yes.  Programming required?  No programming.  Sometimes you do not have to pair which is easy.  Please know that your model number is NOT in the offering that I have referred to - I was more interested in getting you to the right remote quickly.  I hope this information is helpful.  if you are like me and prefer long links so you can see where you are being directed to, here you go!

  • Will this work with UN82RU8000

    Yes, we can help!  simply click HERE for the offering.  If you prefer a long link, here you go!

  • Looking for smart remote for Samsung un49ru8000fza. Do you have?

    Thank you for the question - i think the model number that you may have been referring to is actually UN49RU8000FXZA.  this particular remote is currently on backorder.  We are not expecting stock in this item for about 30 days.

  • number of remote for samsung tv un49mu8000fxza

    we can help with the samsung un49mu8000fxza remote control.  click HERE for the offering.