Genuine OEM Samsung Remote Control Originally Shipped With: UN48J5200AF, UN60J620DAF, UN40JU6400F, UN48J5201AF


Brand: Samsung

** Lower Cost Equivalents Available

Product Description

This Is A True Samsung PartThis Is NOT A Generic Part! Don't See Your Model Number Listed? Send Us A Message - We Are Happy To Help!

Model: UN48J5200AF, UN60J620DAF, UN40JU6400F, UN48J5201AF

This Remote Control Originally Shipped With The Following Samsung Devices: UN48J5200AF, UN60J620DAF, UN40JU6400F, UN48J5201AF

This is a TRUE Samsung Part. This Is NOT A Knock Off. This Is Not A Universal Remote. If Your Model Number Is NOT Noted In The Above List, Please Send Us A Message So We May Help You To Select The Correct Remote Control! We Are Happy To Help!


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  • Is the Samsung Remote BN59-01006A still available? It came with a Samsung 23" TV, model # UN26D40003BD.

    we can help with the remote control!  this is a stock item - there are four different part numbers - they are virtually identical and Samsung uses them interchangeably.  here is a link to the offering.

  • Which remote is for Samsung TU 6985?

    the following offering will NOT include your model number of UN70TU6985F, but this is indeed the original remote that shipped with your very nice TV.  this is NOT a smart remote.  click HERE for the offering.  if you prefer long links, here you go!

  • Which remote for sound bar model HW-j550? Thanks

    We can help with the Remote Control for the HW-j550.  Click HERE for teh offering.  If you prefer long links, here you go!

  • which remote do i order for model # UN40H5003AFXZA?

    we stock two different remotes for your TV.  the following link is for the less expensive of the two.  this is virtually identical to the original - yes, it is still a samsung remote.  the item is also new.  here is a link:

  • Do you have a replacement remote that matches #BN59-01301A?

    this link is for the bn59-01301a remote control.  note, your model will may not be a part of the offering but this is for the remote that you requested.

  • Do have a Samsung remote # BN59-01199F ?

    here is a link:

  • Need one remote for Samsung flat panel TV model no: UM43J5200 (2016). Do you have it? Need Price, shipping charges (If any?). Also how do I synchronize the remote with my TV? Pl respond asap.

    we sell the original samsung remote that came with your TV!  this item has FREE shipping.  this is a stock item so it immediately ships.  here is a link:

  • Is this remote for model # UN70NU607OFXZA Thank you

    yes, we can help!  the following offering will NOT list your model number - but we just verified that this is the correct remote!

  • I NEED A REMOTE CONTROL AA59-00785A. I dont know how to find the model number of the TV. Thank you

    thank you for the question - click HERE for the correct remote!  if you prefer long links, here you go!

  • Do have remote control; for Samsung Model number UN40JU6500FXZA Version TD01. I couldn't find any other places. Thanks.

    the remote that you require is on backorder - we suspect that it will be back in stock in about 3 weeks.

  • I need a AA59-00580A samsung

    If you click HERE, an offering will come up - your model number may not be in the offering but the part number you quoted is what you will receive!

  • How do I find my model number

    it is located on the back of your TV - of go to the menu options of your TV, click support, contact samsung - the model number is listed on this page.

  • just purchased a Samsung tv which is a display there is no model or serial number in booklet or on tv but I would like to know if we have the right remote cause we cannot set it up thank you

    the model number is normally on the back of the TV.  for faster service, i invite you to give us a call in the morning - happy to help!  (720) 379-8578

  • I need remote for Samsung tv model # UN50NU6900B...

    Yes!  we can help.  here is the original remote!  simply click HERE.  if you prefer long links, here you go!

  • iI this remote suitable for the following tv - UA19F4000AMXXY version FH01 ?

    yes, according to samsung, this is an appropriate substitute.  click HERE to return to the offering you inquired about.

  • Samsung remote BNS9-01315J Need to replace

    we can help with a Genuine Samsung BN59-01315J.  simply click HERE for the correct offering!

  • Is remote available for UN55TU850DFXZA

    we can help!  click HERE for the UN55TU850DFXZA remote control.  if you prefer long links, here you go!

  • Will this remote work with Samsung Smart TV Model # UN65JU670DFXZA?

    the remote for the UN65JU670DFXZA is discontinued.  we have run thorugh our stock in this item!

  • I need a remote for Samsung UN46D6000SFXZA

    we can help with the UN46D6000SFXZA remote control.  click HERE for the offering.  if you prefer long links, here you go!