OEM Panasonic FM & AM Loop Antenna - NOT A Generic: SAEN25, SA-EN25, SCEN26, SC-EN26, SCEN25, SC-EN25


Brand: Panasonic

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Product Description

This Is A True Panasonic Part! This is NOT A Knock Off!! Don't See Your Model Number? Send Us A Message!

Model: SAEN25, SA-EN25, SCEN26, SC-EN26, SCEN25, SC-EN25

Up for sale are FM & AM Loop Antennas for the following Panasonic model numbers: SAEN25, SA-EN25, SCEN26, SC-EN26, SCEN25, SC-EN25. These are true Panasonic parts! These are NOT a generic parts! Don't see your model number listed above? Send us a message - We are happy to help!


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  • Loop antenna for SA-AK16 do you have?

    The original AM loop antenna and holder are discontinued and have been for some time.  you will need to use a substitute.  here is a panasonic substitute that will work!  https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/oem-panasonic-am-loop-antenna-shipped-with-scht733-sc-ht733-scht920-sc-ht920

  • Do you carry FM plug in antenna compatible for the Panasonic SA EN25 if what's the cost?

    We can help with FM Plug Antenna for the SAEN25.  The AM and FM antenna are the same antenna.  Panasonic got your antenna right.  They combined the AM and FM Antenna into one!  Click HERE for the offering.  If you prefer long links, here you go! https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/oem-panasonic-fm-am-loop-antenna-not-a-generic-saen25-sa-en25-scen26-sc-en26-scen25-sc-en25

  • bad reception area, I have a Panasonic multi radio sc-hc 3 need a stronger antenna

    We only sell original antennas!  If you require a stronger antena - try searching for a Power Antenna.

  • Do you have antenna for model number SA-BT330

    yes, here is a link for the FM Antenna:  https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/oem-panasonic-fm-antenna-originally-shipped-with-sabt330-sa-bt330-schc271-sc-hc271


    we have run through our stock - our notes indicate that there is not a subsititute for this antenna.

  • Do you have an antenna for a Panasonic SA-EN17?

    no, we do not.  this device came with two antenna's in which both are discontinued.

  • do you have an antenna for a Panasonic RC-CD300. if yes what is the price

    the antenna for the RC-CD300 is for both the FM and AM antenna.  It does have a proprietary plug on it - the antenna is discontinued - we have run through our stock in the antenna.