Special Request - OEM LG Lint Filter Modification Bundle For DLGX4271V


Product Description

LG did a post production modification of your lint filter area.  To change the lint filter - you will need to purchase 3 different parts.  I agree with you - it was a lousy - nonfriendly - solution for consumers.  If I could change their approach, I would.  So see the picture below.  These are the three parts that you will need.  I photoshopped 3 pictures together so the relative size of the parts in not properly articulated in the picture.  Irregardless, you can see the parts and get the idea.


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  • I have the same issue with my LG lint filter. Sheets, lightweight towels, and more get caught on the edge of the lint filter. If I buy the kit, are there instructions to install the kit? I can't really see where three pieces will fit into the space that is there now. My model is DLG3171W

    we are in the process of revising the bundle.  if you would like to order one - let us know and I will put the revised bundle at the top of the list.

    no, LG does not provide instructions for the installation of these parts.

    LG recently released a redesigned lint filter.  the revised lint filter does not have the edges that overhand the filter area.  so the revised lint filter fits into the the cover and does not stick up.  of course, LG did double the price on the revised lint filter.

    so in summary, LG redesigned your lint filter area.  they stopped manufacturing all the original parts and went all in with the redesigned parts.  however, their redesigned parts were not engineered correctly and the lint filter stuck up about 3/4 inch.  so recently, LG redesigned the redesigned parts that seems to work better.  what a mess!

    let us know if you want me to put the latest version on our site for you.  give us a call if you want to chat more about this.

  • The filter screen had split and needs to be replaced. Why is there three parts needed? Can I just replace the filter screen?

    good question.  after your dryer was produced - LG redesigned the lint filter area.  when they did this, they immediately ceased production of the original filter - and went all in on the filter for the redesigned lint filter area.  so for those people that want to replace their filter for the first time, the only lint filter available is the redesigned one.  to ensure that it seats correctly in the dryer, the other parts are necessary.  by just purchasing the filter without replacing the other two parts - the filter will not seat properly and will snag clothing.  next, to add insult to injury, lg does NOT supply instructions on how to install the replacement parts.  i realize that this stinks - sorry to be the bearer of bad news.