OEM Yamaha Remote Control Originally Shipped With YHTS401 & YHT-S401


Brand: Yamaha

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Product Description

This Is A True Yamaha Part! This Is NOT A Generic Part! Don't See Your Model Number Listed? Send Us A Message - We Are Happy To Help!

Model: YHTS401 & YHT-S401

This OEM Yamaha Remote Control Was Originally Shipped With The Following Yamaha Devices: YHTS401 & YHT-S401

This is a TRUE Yamaha Part. What You See In The Picture Is Exactly What You Will Receive. Don't See Your Model Number Listed Above? Send Us A Message! We Are Happy To Help!


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  • will this remote control work with the older Yamaha YHT s-400 model?

    There are some differences in the buttons - but I think this is a safe bet for you.  Yamaha has been very slow to update the programming in their IR remote controls. if the remote control that you are considering has buttons that the s400 does not have...such buttons will not work.  let us know if this does not make sense.