Genuine OEM Sony Remote Control Originally Shipped With: KDL32W600D, KDL-32W600D, KDL48R510C, KDL-48R510C


Brand: Sony

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Product Description

This Is A True Sony PartThis Is NOT A Generic Part! Don't See Your Model Number Listed? Send Us A Message - We Are Happy To Help!

Model: KDL32W600D, KDL-32W600D, KDL48R510C, KDL-48R510C

This Remote Control Originally Shipped With The Following Sony Devices: KDL32W600D, KDL-32W600D, KDL48R510C, KDL-48R510C

This is a TRUE Sony Part. This Is NOT A Knock Off. This Is Not A Universal Remote. If Your Model Number Is NOT Noted In The Above List, Please Send Us A Message So We May Help You To Select The Correct Remote Control! We Are Happy To Help!


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  • I am needing a replacement remote control for Sony Bravia KDL-EX-46X621

    this remote is discontinued - the good news is that there is still a lot of demand for it - if you search for a RMF-TX300U on a marketplace such as ebay - you will find a lot of knock offs.  please know this is a pretty basic infrared remote - the knock off versions of this should do just fine.  since we only sell OEM parts that are new - this is unfortunately not something that we can assist with.  we hope that this information is helpful.

  • I have an old sony tv model #KDL-40S5100. Do you have a remote for this tv

    this particular remote is discontinued - we have run through our stock.  try googling the following remote serial number:  RM-YD028  this is the original remote that accopanied your TV. hope this information is useful.

  • Is this the original remote for Sony Bravia kdl-32w600d smart tv? Let me know. Thanks.

    we can help with the remote control for the kdl-32w600d.  click HERE for the offering.  if you prefer long links, here you go!

  • Does this remote work for a KDL-46VL150 Sony Bravia TV?

    no - the original remote for your TV was discontinued some time ago.  we have run through our stock in this particular item.  if you prefer OEM parts - i would search ebay for RM-YD028 - look for a preowned.  if anyone has this listed as new - i would stay away from the as you will probably receive something that is unexpected.

  • sony bravia tv remote model no: KDL-40EX720

    your remote is discontinued - try googling RM-YD061.  this is the original remote.  there are a lot of knock offs for this particular remote.  if you want a true sony part, look for preowned.

  • My remote is RMF-Tx31Du for my Sony looks exactly like this one are they same?

    happy to research this for you - RMF-Tx31Du is not a valid remote code - if you would please verify and reply in kind, happy to research this for you.

  • remote for KDLV32XBR1

    thank you for the question - your remote is discontinued.  we have run through our stock.  try googling the following remote serial number:  RM-YD002  please know that if you prefer a true sony remote, hone in on a preowned remote.  if anyone is selling this as new, you will probably receive a non-Sony remote.  hope this information is helpful.

  • Need remote for KDL26L5000

    we know the remote!  we did run through our stock quite some time ago.  the original remote serial number was RM-YD028.  We suggest that you search a marketplace for RM-YD028 - you will get lots of hits on it.