Genuine OEM Samsung Remote Control: UN46B6000VMXZB, UN46B6000VMXZD, UN55B6000VM, UN55B6000VMXZD


Brand: Samsung

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Product Description

This Is A True Samsung Part! This Is NOT A Generic Part! Don't See Your Model Number Listed? Send Us A Message - We Are Happy To Help!

Model: UN46B6000VMXZB, UN46B6000VMXZD, UN55B6000VM, UN55B6000VMXZD

This is an OEM Samsung Remote Control that originally shipped with the following models numbers: UN46B6000VMXZB, UN46B6000VMXZD, UN55B6000VM, UN55B6000VMXZD If your model is not in the above list, please send us a message so we may help you select the correct remote.


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  • I am looking for Samsung TV remote for model # UN46B6000VFZXA.

    your remote is discontinued - we have run through our stock - try googling the following part number:  BN59-00850A  note, if you find any new, please know that you may receive something unexpected.

  • I need a samsung remote and the model # I have is UN55B6000VFXZA. Witch remote is that? thank u

    good question - we would love to sell you a remote - but this is one of those times where we prefer to provide information that is simply better for you!  the original remote for your unit is BN59-00850A.  Samsung discontinued the remote.  They have subs - but they are totally different and soo expensive.  in 2019, samsung's profitiability went way down - in an effort to bolster it - they started increasing the prices on remotes and other parts.  this is why some of the prices are silly.  they recently did a reset of the prices...but they are once again increasing prices about every 45 days.  would love to sell you a remote - but honestly, i would do an ebay or amazon.  put BN59-00850A in the search box.  you should get a variety of generics and universals that will be much cheaper and serve you well.  please know that we dislike generics and knock offs.  we don't sell them.  but in your case - i would consider it.  hope this helps.