Genuine OEM Samsung Remote Control Originally Shipped With: UN43KU6300F, UN60KU6300F, UN55K6250AF, UN65KU650DF, UN55KU6500F


Brand: Samsung

** Lower Cost Equivalents Available

Product Description

This Is A True OEM Samsung Remote Control! This is NOT a Generic! Don't See Your Model Number Listed Above? Send Us A Message!

Model: UN43KU6300F, UN60KU6300F, UN55K6250AF, UN65KU650DF, UN55KU6500F

Up for sale are Samsung remote controls that originally shipped with the following devices: UN43KU6300F, UN60KU6300F, UN55K6250AF, UN65KU650DF, UN55KU6500F These remotes are true Samsung remote controls and are NOT knock offs. These remotes are NOT universal remotes. NO PROGRAMMING - Simply install batteries! Don't see your model number listed? Send us a message so we can be sure that you purchase the correct remote!!


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  • back of tv reads: UN32N5300AF on the back of the 32" Samsung smart tv.

    yes, simply click HERE!  if you prefer long links, here you go!

  • does this work with 32" Samsung smart tv?

    yes, but the model number is important.  know that we stock a ton of samsung remotes...may i suggest providing us with your model number so we can suggest the correct remote for you.  if you can't get to the back of the TV to find the model number - you can also find it by accessing the menu option on your TV, Support and contact Samsung - the model code is listed here.  We acknowledge that manually going through the menus can be frusterating.