OEM Samsung IR Blaster Extender Cable Cord For UN75F6400AF, UN75F6400AFXZA


Brand: Samsung

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  • This Is A True Samsung Part!
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This offering is for a NEW Samsung IR Blaster Extender Cable that originally shipped with the following Samsung models: UN75F6400AF, UN75F6400AFXZA This is a true Samsung part! Don't see your model number listed? Send us a message as we are happy to help!

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  • The IR extender cable that I have (don’t remember where I got it from but it is brand new in the bag marked “ IR EXTENDER CABLE BY SAMSUNG. The rest of the writing is in Chinese. I speak 4 different languages but as luck would have it Chinese Chinese isn’t one of them. The tag around the cord has a bar code and the sequence of numbers and letters that are: BN96-26652B, also TNT/1329, MADE IN CHINA (just like coronavirus...lol). The other side of that tag says CAUTION: INSERT SECURELY LEST SHOULD BE DETACHED IN SET. I have NOT A CLUE what any of that means. I don’t even know what the IR extender cable is for but with the adapter that I have for my iPhone it fits right in. I thought that maybe it would increase my WiFi connectivity so that when I’m in my room and so far from the router it would still run as fast?!? I’m not a tech geek by any means so laugh it up... 😂🤣😂. If someone could get back to me with any kind of help or information I would greatly appreciate it.

    we thought it would be funny if we replied in chinese - but we did choose english instead.  okay, so there is a lot to unpack here.  i think we can whiz you through this.  This is an IR Blaster.  Chances are - it came with your TV.  This part has nothing to do with WIFI.  this has everything to do with a remote control.  Generally speaking, if you plug this into the back of the TV in a port normally labeled as IR, this will help to increase the range of your remote control.  it captures the IR signals from your remote and communicates the commands to the TV.  if you have a sound bar that sits in front of your TV and the sound bar covers the IR Sensor on your TV, some people will use this part by plugging it into the back of the TV and placing it off to the side of the TV - so when you use the remote, the blaster will capture the IR signal and communicate the remote commands to the TV.  if you can control the TV without this plugged in, we would suggest putting in drawer in case your situation changes in the future.  Don't worry, this part is optional.  your TV will work just fine if you do not use this part.