OEM Panasonic Wand Shipped With MCV5261, MC-V5261, MCV526100, MC-V5261-00


Brand: Panasonic

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Product Description

  • This Is A True Panasonic Part!
  • This Is A Stock Item And Immediately Ships!
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This offering is for a Panasonic Wand. This Panasonic part was originally supplied with the following Panasonic devices: MCV5261, MC-V5261, MCV526100, MC-V5261-00. This is a true Panasonic part! Don't see your model in the above list? Send us a message, we are happy to help!

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  • I am looking for a full size replacement wand for a Panasonic canister vacuum model MC 2730. Do you have this part?

    we have a an extension - here is a link:  https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/oem-panasonic-wand-shipped-with-mv4850-mv-4850-mc2730-mc-2730
    we also have simply the wand:  https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/special-order-oem-panasonic-replacement-wand-originally-shipped-with-mc-2730