OEM LG Remote Control: 47LM5800-UC, 55LM4600, 55LM4600UC, 55LM4600-UC, 55LM5800, 55LM5800UC


Brand: LG

Product Description

This Is A True LG Part! This Is NOT A Generic Part! Don't See Your Model Number Listed? Send Us A Message - We Are Happy To Help!

Model: 47LM5800-UC, 55LM4600, 55LM4600UC, 55LM4600-UC, 55LM5800, 55LM5800UC

LG recently discontinued the remote that originally shipped with your device. When the remote was discontinued, LG announced that the remote in the picture is the official LG replacement for the following devices: 47LM5800-UC, 55LM4600, 55LM4600UC, 55LM4600-UC, 55LM5800, 55LM5800UC.

This is a TRUE LG part! This is NOT a universal remote! There is NO PROGRAMMING - simply install batteries! Don't see your model number listed above? Simply send us a message so we can assist you in purchasing the correct remote!


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  • i was given 2 different part numbers for my lg tv... akb 72915235 and akb 74115501... my tv is an lg 60pv250.. which remote is the correct one.. my tv has picture in picture. all the replacement remotes (not those two but others) pip hasn't worked. also the memory card doesn't work unless i have the right remote

    Thanks for the question - so akb72915235 was the original remote.  LG discontinued this remote.  When LG discontinued this remote, they announced akb74115501 was the official LG replacement remote.  If it were me, I would simply purchased a used original remote of, akb72915235.  This is NOT something that we stock.  Before purchasing it, I would make sure I knew where the PIP button as I did not see it on the original remote.  Why used?  It does not suprise me that the knock offs PIP buttons do not work - I find for the specialized features, it is better to go with the real thing.  I would be surprised if you found the real thing new.  people may claim to have it new...but I think you will probably get an unhappy surprise of a knock off or a different part number.  How do you know that you are getting the real thing?  In the sellers picture, look for the LG logo.  It will be at the bottom.  Also, look for the part number towards the bottom.  I would expect to pay about 12 - 18 bucks for the used remote with FREE shipping.  Again, this is not something that we can help you with as we only sell new - and we have run through our stock in this part.  We certainly hope that the above information is helpful.