OEM LG Microwave Turntable Coupler Shaft Originally Shipped With LMV1640DB1, LMV-1640DB1, LMV1630WW, LMV-1630WW


Brand: LG

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  • This Is A True LG Part!
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This part attaches to the microwave motor and connects to the plate - so the plate can rotate! This original LG Microwave Turntable Coupler Shaft originally shipped with the following LG devices: LMV1640DB1, LMV-1640DB1, LMV1630WW, LMV-1630WW This is a true LG part! This item is NEW! Don't see your model number? Send us a message as we are happy to help!

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  • My model # is LMVM2085ST and I have been looking for a turntable shaft for my microwave. The round ones will not work. Can you help me locate one?

    so i pulled the tech bulletins for your microwave.  the reason why you are having such difficulty locating the correct shaft is that panasonic did not include the part in the diagrams.  this means that they did not assign a part number to the correct shaft.  i am unsure what you mean by "the round ones" - could you elaborate?  if you want to send a picture, that may be helpful to.