OEM LG FM Antenna Originally Shipped With: CM4530, OM7550, BH6830SWMQ, BH9230, BH5140S, CM4550


Brand: LG

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Product Description

This Is A True LG Part! This Is A Stock Item - Buy With Confidence! Don't See Your Model Number? Send Us A Message!

Model: CM4530, OM7550, BH6830SWMQ, BH9230, BH5140S, CM4550

This offering is for a OEM LG FM Antenna for the following model numbers: CM4530, OM7550, BH6830SWMQ, BH9230, BH5140S, CM4550 These are NEW and true LG parts! Don't see your model number? Send us a message so we may assist you in purchasing the correct part! We are happy to help!


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  • looking for an FM antenna for a LG - LFD750

    LG is saying that the original antenna is discontinued.  the antenna that they prescribe - it slides onto the post in the center of the nipple.  There is another antenna that I think will work - but it is a samsung brand.

    What LG prescribes - your model will NOT be in the following offering.

    The Samsung antenna that we believe will work - your model will NOT be in the offering.

  • Would this work for my radio the model no is cm4590

    LG did not release thetechnical bulletins for the cm4590.  if you give us a call tomorrow - please do so with the unit around you and with a cell phone handy.  happy to trade pics and measurements to verify that this is the correct part.  best time to call is mid morning - we are in mountain time.  (720) 379-8578

  • I have a cm4550,would like to hook up with a splitter from outside antenna, please help. Need better reception. Also Hook up to the TV, Vizio surround sound. Thanks

    would love to help - but we are not the people to assist you.  we deal with oem parts.  what you are talking about needing will require parts from a brand outside of the majors that we do not stock.  you are correct, the fm antenna that comes with your device is certainly not a top notch antenna.