OEM GE Air Conditioner AC Blower Wheel Originally Shipped With AHH24DSH1, AHL24DSH1


Brand: GE

Product Description

  • This Item Is NEW!
  • This Is A True GE Part!
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This part does NOT come with installation instructions. This original GE Air Conditioner AC Blower Wheel originally shipped with the following GE devices: AHH24DSH1, AHL24DSH1 This is a true GE part! This item is NEW! Don't see your model number? Send us a message as we are happy to help!

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Ask a Question
  • Does this fit model # ge apfd06jaswg1? If not can you suggest one that does. Thanks!

    Actually, we can not.  with the apfd06jaswg1, GE did NOT prescribe a part number to the blower wheel.  This will making finding the blower wheel exceedingly difficult.  Without GE providing the part number, we are unsure what part number to provide to you.  Sorry for the bad news.

  • Will this fit model #APCD10JASGW1

    GE did not include the part informatin for the blower wheel in the technical bulletins.  without this information - finding the correct wheel will be exceedingly difficult.  these wheels have over 4 material points to consider.  diameter, height, shank hole side, blade direction and the back style.

  • Does this work with model APCA11YBMW

    your item is still considered "new."  i would consider first reaching out to GE to see if it can be fixed under warranty.  because this item is so new, there technical bulletins that identify the part number have not been released or detailed.   only a portion of them have been released.  we would love to sell you a part - but without these techn bulletins and GE identifying the part number - it would be extremely difficult and may not make sense if this part can be fixed under warranty.

  • this part works with a GE apcd10jasgw1

    regarding the AC blower fan for the apcd10jasgw1.  GE did not assign a part number to the blower fan - without GE doing so - we simply have no way of knowing what part to supply.  sorry for the bad news.