NEW OEM Sharp Microwave Light Bulb Lamp Shipped With KB6021MW, KB-6021MW


Brand: Sharp

** Lower Cost Equivalents Available

Product Description

  • This Is A True Sharp Part!
  • This Is A Stock Item!
  • Don't See Your Model Number? Send Us A Message!

This offering is for a Sharp Microwave Light Bulb Lamp. This item originally shipped with the following Sharp models: KB6021MW, KB-6021MW This is a True Sharp Part! Microwaves require a high heat lamp. This is a High Heat Lamp. The wattage of this lamp is 30 Watts or 30W.


Ask a Question
  • I'm replacing a LR1104 bulb. Mine says that it's 20 watts, yet this one says it's 30 watts. Can I still use this bulb?

    there several lamps that looks similiar but they are different sizes and watts.  for the 20watt - the following link is the correct one!

  • Would you happen to have an Oven Lamp for Sharp microwave R-316FS. Lamp #LR1104 or RLMPTA082WRZZ.

    we can help!  RLMPTA082WRZZ was discontinued.  when sharp discontinued RLMPTA082WRZZ, they did announce a sharp replacement.  the following link will NOT note your model but this is the sharp replacement.  this is a true sharp part.

  • What is the bulb # for sharp smc1452ch

    the part number for the the smc1452ch is a 9KL17470000002369.  this lamp is discontinued.  we are not aware of any substitutes.

  • Does anyone know the wattage and voltage of this bulb?

    30 W bulb - what is your model number - i think that we can help.

  • I have a Sharp Carousel Microwave Model R-319FW. The bulb is burned out. What part number do I order a new one on and what is the cost?

    the following will NOT have your model number - please know that we have verified that this is the correct lamp:

  • Do you sell the bulb for a Sharp SMC 1452CH microwave oven?

    the original lamp for your microwave was discontinued.  if you remove your old lamp and send us pictures - and notate the wattage - we are happy to review search our inventory for you.  can't promise that we will be able to find a substitute - but can promise you that we will search our inventory for you.

  • Will this part fit my Sharp Carousel microwave model #R-559YK ?

    thank you for the question.  the tech bulletins are not available for this mircrowave.  we don't want to guess at the part.  if you remove the lamp from your microwave, send us a picture and note the watts of the lamp - we probably have the lamp!

  • Looking for a Sharp Microwave Model R-510HK light bulb. Thanks

    we can help with the R-510HK lamp.  click HERE for the offering.  if you prefer long links, here you go!

  • Do you have a replacement light bulb for Sharp R530ew-t?

    we can help with the R530ewt light bulb!  click HERE for the offering.  if you prefer long links, here you go!

  • sharp curosol model number = R530ES-T. which bulb I order

    we deactivated the listings as we only have two in stock - this item is on backorder - however, we did activate the following offering for you - the item will immediately ship.

  • So I go to my cart and the process keeps adding another.bulb to my cart. I closed the window , go back and is up to 4 bulbs. What’s the deal. I need one 20 watt bulb.

    we can resolve this one of three ways.  if you go to the cart - scroll to the far right hand side of the screen, change the 4 or 5 to one.  Option 2, simply reply to this message with your model number and request an invoice.  Option 3, simply call us and we can take your order over the phone.  (720) 379-8578

  • I new the 20 watt bulb I’m unable to get to the web site listed below

    i am sorry - we are unsure what you are asking.  the lamp that you inquired about is a 30w.  if you need the 20w - your model may not be listed in the following - but this is the sharp 20w lamp.  here is the link.