NEW OEM Samsung Remote Control Specifically For UN50EH6000FXZA, PN51E550D1FXZA


Brand: Samsung

Product Description

This Is A True Samsung Remote! This Is A Stock Item And Immediately Ships! Don't See Your Model Number? Send Us A Message!

Model: UN50EH6000FXZA, PN51E550D1FXZA

This NEW OEM Samsung Remote Control is specifically for the following Samsung devices: UN50EH6000FXZA, PN51E550D1FXZA

This is a TRUE Samsung Remote! There is No Programming. If your model number is not in the above list, please send us a message as we are happy to help!


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  • My remote will not change channels or volume, nor turn the tv on or off. I changed the batteries & still nothing. I suppose over time, the remote can wear out. I just want to make sure that's the problem before I order a new one. Thanks!

    Samsung has some sequences to try correcting instances like yours - but I have never heard of them working.  This is what I suggest to people.  First, Fresh batteries - pleasure know that pulling batteries from another remote may not have the same power as new batteries.  Next, I also suggest a power cycle.  To complete a power cycle, turn off your TV - and keep it unplugged for about 60 seconds before replugging it back in.  Then remove the fresh batteries from your remote control and hold down any button for 60 seconds - this drains residual power from the remote - then reinstall the batteries.  From there, give the remote a whirl.  Newer remotes have a very easy and effective manual pairing program - unfortunately, remotes such as yours does not have this same capability.  please let me know if the above works.