Epson Projector WIFI: PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 & 2000


Brand: Epson

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Product Description

  • This Is A True Epson Part!
  • This Is NOT A Generic Part!
  • Don't See Your Model Number Listed? Send Us A Message - We Are Happy To Help!

This USB WIFI plugs into the back of your Epson Projector and establishes a wireless connection with your computer! This Epson USB WIFI is specifically for the following Epson Projector Model Numbers: PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 & PowerLite Home Cinema 2000. If your model number is NOT listed above, please send us a message so we can ensure that you purchase the correct USB WIFI. Installing this USB WIFI can be tricky. Detailed instructions are in your Epson Projector User Manual - If you require a copy of your user manual, simply send us a message noting your model number.

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Ask a Question
  • Hello, I need a wireless lan module for powerlite hc710 hd, model h475a to connect smartphone to projector?

    our notes indicate that the powerlite HC 710HD will NOT go wireless.

  • I need a WiFi to connect my devices to my Epson Projector. The model is: Powerlife Epson Home Cinema 3700. Can you please help me find the appropriate part?

    yes, we can help!  click HERE for the correct offering.  if you prefer long links, here you go!

    a couple of other items that may be helpful.
    - this is the USA version.  if you purchased your projector in the outside of the US - please reply in kind.
    - be sure to have your user manual handy.  these dongles are NOT plug and play.  you will need the manual to setup the projector
    - this dongle plugs into the back of the projector.  the quick connect key is an additional part that plugs into your PC (does not work with apple)
    - the green light is NOT a power button.  the green light lights up with the donge is properly installed and communicating data.

  • Hi, I am looking for an epson home cinema 740hd wifi part. I want to use a sound speaker or my laptop through wifi on the projector. If you have it how much is it? Is there shipping? My zip code is 22204. Thanks

    click HERE for the correct offering.  this part plugs into the back of the projector.  this is NOT a plug and play device.  Shipping is FREE.  Timing - the free shipping 5 - 6 days.  expediated is 2 - 3 days.

  • I need conector LAN for my epson Home cinema 3800

    we are unsure what you mean by a connector lan.  do you mean the WIFI device for the Home Cinema 3800?  if so, click HERE for the correct offering.

    The Epson WIFI dongle is NOT a plug and play.  This part physically plugs into the back of your projector.  Be sure to have your original user manual handy - the user manual will walk you through the setup.  You will read about a USB Quick Connect Key - Please know that this is a separate part, sold separately, an optional device, does not work on apple and plugs into your PC.  The dongle has a green light - this is NOT a power light.  This light comes on when the dongle is successfully transmitting data.  I hope these tips are helpful!