Epson Perfection V700 - Slide Holder Or Film Guide


Brand: Epson

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  • This Part Originally Came With Your Scanner!!
  • This Is A True Epson Part!
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Up for sale are NEW Slide Holders for the Epson Perfection V700. This is an true Epson part and is NOT a knock off! When you have multiple holders, you can load the second holder while your scanner is working!

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  • Will this slide holder fit the Epson V850? Thanks

    these slide holders are backwards compatible.  here are a couple of links for slide holders for the V850.  If you have a lot of slides to do - consider getting the two pack.  when you have multiple slide holders, you can load them up while the scanner is working - you may find that the scanning process with the v850 can be slow - so keeping it working will help make things go much faster!  food for thought.

    Slide Holder

    Two Pack of Slide Holders

  • Can I buy a slide holder for my Epson x610 printer scanner?

    Did you mean the Rx610?  if yes, this part went obsolete about 3 years ago.  i know that one of the executives at our organization has a small collection of obsolete scanner trays - it may be worth 5 minutes to give us a call at (720) 379-8578 and ask if there are any EPS-SC-1081 & EPS-SC-1082 holders in the scanner obsolete box - whoever is on call can check on this for you.  Best time to call is after 10am mountain standard time.

  • Need a negative strip holder for scanning with my Epson XP7100…. is there one?

    no.  Epson uses backlight technology for scanning film.  the XP7100 does not have the backlight that epson requires.  here are some nice scanners that scan film from least expensive to more expensive:  Perfection v500, Perfection v600, Perfection v550, Perfection v700, Perfection v750, Perfection v800, Perfection v850

  • Will this work on an Epson Perfection V600 Photo scanner?

    no.  the v600 has a much smaller scanable area.  the v600 will not see most of the slides in this holder.  here is the correct slide holder.

  • Will this work on Epson 3850

    Epson uses backlight technology for scanning film.   If you have the ET-3850, the ET-3850 does not have the technology or phyiscally able to scan film.  sorry for the bad news.

  • Is this for 35 mm or 120 mm film

    this is a 35mm slide holder.  what size do you require?

  • Will this work with epson 860 printer??

    No.  Epson uses backlight technology for scanning slides and other type of film.  the XP-860 does not have the backlight technology built into it.  if you use the xp-860 to scan slides - it would be like taking a copy of the slide which includes the cardboard.

  • Do I need a separate holder for the film, which then sits in this guide? If so, what size film holders fits in this guide?

    this holder is for mounted 35 mm film.  mounted 35mm film is also referred to as a slide.  a slide looks like a cardboard rectangle with film in the middle.  the cardboard rectange with the film slides into this holder.  no additional parts are required.  

    please know that users can also use this this film holder for other sizes aside from 35mm slides. 

    i am not sure if we have answered your question - would you like to send us a picture and measurements of your film?  happy to assist.

  • What type of negative does this hold? I think most of my negatives are 110 and 35 mm.

    this is specific for slides.  when epson designed this holder, they had 35mm slides in mind.  we did a project where someone actually had 110 negative mounted and we were able to use this slide holder.  most of the time, 110 negatives are in strips - these do take a special holder - and not something that epson produces.  if you want to talk scanning - feel free to give us a call - ask for Michael as he has the most knowledge of scanning.  (720) 379-8578