Epson Perfection V600 - 120, 220, 620 Holder - Film Guide


Brand: Epson

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Product Description

  • This Part Originally Came With Your Scanner!!
  • This Is A True Epson Part!
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Up for sale are NEW brownie holders for the Epson Perfection V600. This holder will hold 120, 220 and 620 size film! This is an true Epson part and is NOT a knock off! The cover in the picture IS INCLUDED with your purchase. When you have multiple holders, you can load the second holder while your scanner is working!!

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    the v600 did not come with a 4x5 holder.  reason being, the scanable area for film in the v600 is only about 4.5 inches wide.  this does not mean that you can not use the v600 to scan 4x5 negs - but does mean that you have to be more creative as modifying an existing epson holder will not work as they do not place the media in the correct positon: 

    your first option is to find someone to custom make a holder for you - if you go this direction, plan on spending $125 - $150 for the holder. 

    next option is to make your own - think of the holder as a guide.  your self made holder will sit on the glass- your film will bump up to it to place the media in the correct position and straight!  many people will cut a large box in the material they use to make the holder and use one of the long edges in their cut out as the area to place the media and bump the media against a straight edge.  what type of material do you use to make the holder - we have had some people use cardboard.  black stryene is also a popular choice - if you go this direction, get something thin enough so you can cut with a box cutter - but thick enough to give you an edge to bump media up to.  irregardless of the material used, be sure to leave at least 1/2 inch at the top - if you do not leave a 1/2 of glass showing at the top of the printer - your scanner will not like the holder.  when you scan - use a program like epson scan utility and put it into professional mode.

  • Will this fit the Eason Perfection 3170 model?

    no.  the 3170 uses a different type of holder for the 120s.  this was discontinued about 5 years ago.  we have run through our stock.

  • Does this film holder also fit the Epson Perfection V500 Photo Scanner?

    we can help!  click HERE for the correct offering.  if you prefer long links, here you go!

  • What size negatives does this hold. I don't know what type my various negatives are.

    this holds 120s - which is 2 3/8 inches tall.  the width varies based upon the for format.  does this help?  if not, give us a call - we are happy to help.  (720) 379-8578

  • Will this film holder work with the Epson V 350 scanner? If not, can you recommend a medium format film holder that will work with this scanner?

    The correct film guide only does mounted and unmounted 35mm film.  the scan does not have the scanable areato accomodate medium format.  there are no substitutes for the correct film holder.  the original film holder is discontinued.  you could try making one using black stryenne.