Epson Perfection V850 - 120, 220 or 620 Holder Or Film Guide With ANR Resin!


Brand: Epson

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Product Description

    • This Part Originally Came With Your Scanner!!
    • This Is A True Epson Part!
    • Don't See Your Model Number Listed? Send Us A Message - We Are Happy To Help!

Up for sale are NEW brownie holders for the Epson Perfection V850. This holder will hold 120, 220 & 620 size film! This is an true Epson part and is NOT a knock off! The cover that is on the underside of the holder IS INCLUDED with your purchase. This holder comes with installed ANR Resin! The ANR Resin is installed by Epson and NOT by a third party! When you have multiple holders, you can load the second holder while your scanner is working!!

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  • Compatible w/ 750 pro? Does glass improve scanning results?

    with the age of the internet - you can find people to attest to both yes and no.  I have over a decade of epson scanning experience.  personally, i prefer the open face.  easier to work with.  holds more media.  does not attract dust.  the work that we do/did - we were not blowing up the images to poster sizes - biggest was a 11x17.  for day to day scanning, i could not tell the difference.  where I do like the anr resin (not glass anymore) - is when I am dealing with film that is curled or damaged.  With all this being said, the holders for the 700 and 750 are discontinued.  unless you go used or generic - anr is in your future.  the anr is not a bad tray - working with them simply takes a little longer.  leaving you with food for thought, if you are interested in getting the best quanlity - check out silverfast SE Plus - there is a double exposure or scanning mode - puts the sharpness of the scan on steriods!

  • Do you have a 120 film holder for Epson Perfection 1660 scanner

    Sorry, we do not!

  • Just bought one of these, on the off chance that it would work for my Epson Perfection 4990 Photo. It seems to work just fine as is. I see a question referencing this exact scanner which is answered "this holder can be modified to be used on the 4990". What modification would that be?

    give me a jingle on my corporate cell - happy to talk you through how to modify the part and use the part as well.  when you call, ask for michael.  720-299-9432.

  • Will this tray fit the Epson Perfection V600 scanner? Been looking for a film holder to scan 120 film that comes with a ANR glass.

    we just received a couple in...we have activated the offering - please know that this offering will revert back to zero in about 24 hours.  here is a link:

  • I have an older 4870 epson can this holder be modified to fit on it?

    yes!  simply remove the tabs!  the placement is key.  place the scanner on the far right hand side of the glass.  and at the bottom - you want some space between the edge of the scanner and the hings.  you must have at least 1/2 of glass showing.  the short side of the tray that is straight across - this is at the bottom.

  • What are the dimensions of the holder (minus tabs)? Curious if this will fit my v4990 photo. Thanks

    the 4990 has a very large scanable area.  this holder can be modified to be used on the 4990.

  • I would like to know how the negative strip is held in this holder against the glass. Second.... will this allow the black boarders of the negative to be seen in the scan...? Very important to me because I like to show the boundary of the negative. ALSO do you have this in 135 version...?

    all good questions.  first, epson is using a resin versus glass.  next, you load the holders from the bottom.  a hinged cover presses the media against the anr.  this will NOT allow you to scan the borders.  when using epson scanning products, the only way that you can get the borders in the scan is by using either a customized holder or a film guide.  the problem with the film guide is holding the 35mm filmstrip flat.  finally, i am unusure what you mean by a 135 version - know that i have 10 years of experience in scanning using epson products - so i am unsure what you meaning.  please be more specific.

  • Will it work on Epson WF7710?

    the workforce 7710 does NOT scan film.  epson uses backlight technology when scanning film.  the 7710 does NOT have the correct backlight technology integrated into it.  If you tried using it to scan your would scan the film as it were a picture or a document - if you need assistance in selecting a scanner that will do the trick for you - simply send us an email or give us a call - if you include the a budget, how much you have to scan, and what sizes you have to scan - we are happy to give a recommendation.  know that we do NOT sell full scanners - so the only think that you will get is an honest and unbiased opinion.

  • Can this holder be used on an Epson Perfection V500 Photo?

    you would need go modify it - if you give us a call, we are happy to do it for you - simply call, ask for ronnie, place your order - and ask her to have it modified for the v500.  if you need other holders for the v500 - please inquire with us when you call. (720) 379-8578

  • will this work on my epson v750 pro

    yes it will!