OEM Brother Paper Output Exit Tray For MFC-J6530DW , MFCJ6530DW


Brand: Brother

Product Description

  • This Is A True Brother Part!
  • This Is A Stock Item And Immediately Ships!
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This offering is for a NEW Brother Paper Output Exit Tray that originally shipped with the following Brother devices: MFC-J6530DW , MFCJ6530DW This is a true Brother part! Don't see your model number? Send us a message as we are happy to help!

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  • I have a MFC-J435w does this fit or different part?

    thanks for reaching out to us - brother makes the output tray for the MFC-J435w with the paper cassette tray.  brother does NOT sub-divide the paper cassette tray.  meaning, they do not make just the output tray available.  this particular paper cassette tray was discontinued about 4 months ago - we have run through our stock in this tray.  we have also checked our returns area - our customer returns for this paper cassette tray have been depleted.  sorry for the bad news.

  • Will this product work on the Brother MFC-J6930DW?

    thank you for reaching out to us!  there are several of these output trays that look similiar but they do have minor differences.  we do stock the correct output tray for your printer.  click HERE for the link for the output tray for the MFC-J6930DW.  if you prefer long links, here you go!  https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/oem-brother-printer-output-eject-tray-originally-shipped-with-mfc-j6530dw-mfcj6530dw-mfc-j6930dw-mfcj6930dw

  • Will this fit for model MFC-J885DW

    we can help with the paper cassette tray for the MFC-J885DW.  click HERE for the offering.  if you prefer long links, here you go!  https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/brother-100-page-paper-cassette-tray-mfc-j885dw-mfcj885dw

  • Will this work for a MFC-6935DW

    did you mean, MFC-J6935DW?  If yes, we are expecting this part in within the next 3 weeks - we realize that this is a long time from a printer standpoint.  we just put this part on order earlier today - we activated the listing for this tray if you would like to pre-order it.  this offering will revert back to zero in about 20 hours from this writing.  https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/oem-brother-exit-tray-assembly-originally-shipped-with-mfcj6935dw-mfc-j6935dw

  • Hi, I'm looking for an exit tray cover (or just the flap) compatible with Brother MFC-J995-DW. Thanks!

    thanks for the question.  brother has the output tray (and flap) as part of the paper cassette assembly.  brother does not sub-divide the output tray from the cassette tray.  sorry for the bad news - we don't agree with brother on making people purchase an entire cassette assembly for the output tray.  click HERE for the picture of the cassette tray assembly - notice the output tray.

  • looking for exit tray for Brother MFC J6730DW

    trying to be quick - we will be updating the offering in a couple of days to reflect your model number....but we are trying to be quick for you.  If you click HERE, you will be directed to the correct offering.  your model will not show but know that we have researched this and verified that this is the correct part!  if you prefer long links, here you go!  https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/oem-brother-paper-output-exit-tray-for-mfc-j6530dw-mfcj6530dw

  • do you have a paper support flap for Brothers MFCJ6945DW?

    thank you for the question!  do you mean the flap where the paper is ejected from the printer?

  • I am looking for the exit tray for a brother printer model mfc-j885dw. Can you tell me if you have one or which ones would work with that model?

    thank you for the question - for the mfc-j885dw - the output tray is part of the paper cassette tray assembly!  brother does not sell them separately from the cassette tray.

  • Looking for a Brother J6930DW output exit tray

    yes, we can help!  this is not the cheapest output tray but it is a stock item for us.  we just did a quick add for you.  simply click HERE to see the offering.  if you prefer long links, here you go!  https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/special-request-new-oem-brother-paper-output-exit-tray-for-mfcj6930dw-mfc-j6930dw?_pos=1&_sid=05a114c52&_ss=r

  • I am looking for a paper exit try for a Brother MFC-J6930DW. Is this something you would have?

    yes, we can help!  simply click HERE.  If you prefer long links, here you go!  https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/special-request-oem-brother-output-tray-for-mfc-j6930dw-mfcj6930dw?_pos=1&_sid=e423c43cd&_ss=r

  • Looking for only the small part that you extend out when printing large papers for MFC-J6535DW. Can I just order that or do I have to order this whole piece?

    yes, we can help!  this tray is a little madding for us as we think it is overpriced!  irregardless, we have plenty in stock and it immediately ships!  to see the offering, simply click HERE!