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Canon Printer - How Do You Activate Printers So They Will Print Directly On DVDs & CD-Rs?

There was a website that walked users through how to activate printers to print directly onto CDs and DVDs.  For whatever reason, this site has been discontinued.  Such a great site - that provided content that people needed.  The owners of the site know who they are....and if they should read this, I hope that they reach out to us.

So let me backup - For a long time, Canon shipped out printers around the world that would print directly onto a CD or DVD...but for American consumers, they deactivated this functionality.  My impression is that a rival company owned these rights within the US - which is why Canon could not ship printers within the US that had this functionality.

Many of the older models of Canon can print directly to a DVD or CD.  The user must simply "enable" the printer.  The basic steps are 1.  Remove the cap that the CD Print Tray slides into.  2.  Reset the region to Europe.  3.  Install Print Software.  This is the rub:  Each printer has its own set of instructions to reset the region code.  Some printers have certain software that you have to install.

So this is our request:  If you have a set of these instructions that are complete and detailed, please send them to us along with the printer model number.  Please confirm for us that the instructions are complete and verified by you.  We will post these instructions on our site for others.  Will we profit from this?  No.  Will you profit from this?  No.  Why do it?  We should all pay if forward - and do something good for the person next to us.

To view instructions, users can go to our home page and click tools.  We already have some posted and hope that others will help us buff out this database.

Please send all instructions to

...And to the owners of the esteemed site referred to above, we would love to talk with you - give us a call.




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