Special Order: OEM Epson Paper Cassette Tray Bin #2 Original Shipped With WF-7720


Product Description

okay, so epson right now is a little bit of a mess - with the virus - their distribution system came to a virtual stop - not good.  the good news is that its just starting up now - input my first order last week - i am inputting a couple of more orders this week - i can slip your cassette tray in with on of the orders.  the pricing - you are looking at $75.99 with FREE shipping.  not cheap.  This is right in line with other cassettes that are a similiar style to yours.  This cassette would be the Second Bin - which is about $8 less expensive.  This is the original tray that came with your printer - so there is a blue lever that you squeeze and the tray expands.  The second bin that you currently have should have this same feature - Please let us know ASAP as we are also dealing with artist renderings.  We had planned on bringining on Both Bins anyways - we are taking this oppportunity to do so.  We do NOT have a picture of this item since we do not currently stock the item and it is a special order.  Timing is about 30 days.  Thanks, 9/14/2020


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