Genuine OEM Sony Remote Control Originally Shipped With: STRKM5, STR-KM5, STRKM7, STR-KM7


Brand: Sony

** Lower Cost Equivalents Available

Product Description

This Is A True Sony Part! This Is NOT A Generic Part! Don't See Your Model Number Listed? Send Us A Message - We Are Happy To Help!


This is an OEM Sony Remote Control that originally shipped with the following models numbers: STRKM5, STR-KM5, STRKM7, STR-KM7 If your model is not in the above list, please send us a message so we may help you select the correct remote.


Ask a Question
  • How long the sheeping takes to South Africa Limpopo province?

    standard shipping - plan on a 30 - 45 days.  if you would like to ship using a fedex to speed up the time - send us your full address so we can price it out for you.  also, please confirm your model number in your reply.

  • I just bought a used Sony receiver STR-K740P on the data plate and I am looking for a remote for it. Will this work? Thank you!

    we would love to sell you a part - the remote that your unit requires - it is discontinued and we have run through our stock.  if i were in your shoes, i would want an original - and the original remote.  if you search ebay for something used - search for rm-pp411.  original remotes are always best.  hope this information is helpful.