OEM Sony Remote Control: KDL-40V2000, KDL-46V2000, KDL40V2000, KDL46V2000


Brand: Sony

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Product Description

This Is A True Sony Part! This Is NOT A Generic Part! Don't See Your Model Number Listed? Send Us A Message - We Are Happy To Help!

Model: KDL-40V2000, KDL-46V2000, KDL40V2000, KDL46V2000

This is an OEM Sony Remote Control that originally shipped with the following models numbers: KDL-40V2000, KDL-46V2000, KDL40V2000, KDL46V2000 If your model is not in the above list, please send us a message so we may help you select the correct remote.


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  • I also have a model KDL-40V2500. Suggestion in Q&A is to search by the serial #, but I don't see a box to typed the serial # in. Do I put it in the same box that the model #?

    the original remote was discontinued.  we have run through our stock in this particular item.  our suggestion is to google RM-YD012 - this is the original remote control.  if you want the original - try searching ebay for preowned.  we hope that this is helpful.

  • I am looking for a Replacement for my Remote control that is now not working. The TV is Model KDL 40V2500, seral number 8098487, manufactured Dec 2006. Any remote that will work with that model number would be Great.

    the original remote is Rm-yd012.  this remote is discontinued.  we have run through our stock.  we do not sell universal or generic remotes, so we are not able to supply you with a remote but try searching the internet for Rm-yd012.

  • Original search for remote for KDL-40V2500 stated that the remote was discontinued, but did list a remote for the KDL-40V2000. The notes on this response did not specifically list the KDL-40V2500. An automatic answer stated to continue with a search for using the serial number RM-ED008. When the serial number was entered the results was a remote control rm-edoo2-x8005, corresponding to a KLV-S40A10E. Unfortunately this new recommended remote is SOLD OUT. At this point a new suggestion is needed to proceed.

    Indeed, this remote and substitutes have been discontinued.  i think you have two options:  1.  try to identify a universal remote.  sony does make a universal remote that comes preprogrammed (we don't carry any universal remotes).  2.  if you don't mind a preowned - try googling the following remote serial number - RM-ED008  .  I have checked our return stock an came up empty handed.  I hope that the preceeding information is helpful.

  • Looking for a replacement remote for KDL-40V2500 Please help!

    this remote was discontinued.  we have run through our stock.  i think you best option is to search by the serial model number which is RM-ED008.