OEM Samsung Vacuum PowerBot Remote Control Originally Shipped With SR2AH9051UW


Brand: Samsung

Product Description

  • Don't See Your Model Number? Send Us A Message As We Are Happy To Help!
  • This Is A True Samsung Part!
  • This Item Is NEW!

This original Samsung Vacuum PowerBot Remote Control originally shipped with the following Samsung devices: SR2AH9051UW This is a true Samsung part! This item is NEW! Don't see your model number? Send us a message as we are happy to help!

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  • I need a remote for my R7260 Samsung robot vacuum Where can I purchase one?

    so these remote controls are considered a low demand part - so getting them in takes a little longer.  we stock other remotes for samsung vacs - but we find that they are expensive and very slow to receive.  we don't like doing subs on these because of their cost - so we try staying strictly to what samsung recommends.  Click HERE for the offering.  If you prefer long links, here you go!  https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/special-order-oem-samsung-vacuum-remote-control-originally-shipped-with-vr2am7090wd-vr2ar7260wc-sku-55529186