OEM Panasonic Remote Control Originally Shipped With: SAXH50, SA-XH50, SCXH50, SC-XH50


Brand: Panasonic

Product Description

This Is A True Panasonic Part! This Is NOT A Generic Part! Don't See Your Model Number Listed? Send Us A Message - We Are Happy To Help!

Model: SAXH50, SA-XH50, SCXH50, SC-XH50

This Panasonic Remote Control originally shipped with the following Panasonic devices: SAXH50, SA-XH50, SCXH50, SC-XH50.

This is a TRUE Panasonic part! Don't see your model number listed above? Simply send us a message so we can assist you in purchasing the correct Remote Control!


Ask a Question
  • Will this remote work for Panasonic sa-ak640

    try googling  N2QAYB000064  this is the correct remote for your unit!  this item is discontinued - you will likely need to search for a preowned if you would like an original part.

  • Need remote for SC-PT650

    we have run through our stock in this remote - however, we can provide some information that may prove to be helpful.  the original remote part number is N2QAYB000083.  if you google this, you should get options for used and some knock offs.  personally, i would consider a preowned first where the item is an oem part.  hope this information is useful!

  • need remote for sa-he200

    the original remote for your unit is discontinued.  the part number is eur7502xb0.  we have run through our stock.  we suggest purchasing an original - you may need to settle for a used remote.

  • Hi there! Will this work with the Panasonic receiver sa-xr57? Thank you!

    getting the original is always the best way to go!  your original remote is discontinued.  your best bet is to search on ebay for something used.  the following is the original part number for your device.  EUR7662Y80

  • I need a remote control for my home theater SA-PT950

    the original remote for your unit was eur7662yx0.  this remote is discontinued.  when panasonic discotinued this remote, they declared EUR7662YW0 was the official replacement - this remote was also discontinued.  we suggest that you google either of the preceeding part numbers - and consider getting something used.  since we only new - and since we have run through our stock, this is not something that we can help you out with.

  • Need a remote for my Model# SC-PT650

    thanks for the question - the original remote for your unit is discontinued- but we don't want to leave you empty handed.  the original remote is N2QAYB000083.   your best bet is to google the part number!  hope this informaiton helps.

  • Looking for a Panasonic remote sapm39d ser.GS4 F002881

    we have run through our stock in this particular remote.  try searching for N2QAJB000098.  if anyone is selling this item as new, you will likely receive something unexpected!