OEM Panasonic DC Cable - Specifically For: PVGS70D, PV-GS70D, PVGS400, PV-GS400, PVGS250, PV-GS250


Brand: Panasonic

Product Description

  • This Is A True Panasonic Part!
  • This is NOT A Knock Off!!
  • Don't See Your Model Number? Send Us A Message!

Up for sale are DC Cables for the following Panasonic model numbers: PVGS70D, PV-GS70D, PVGS400, PV-GS400, PVGS250, PV-GS250. These are true Panasonic parts! These are NOT a generic parts! Don't see your model number listed above? Send us a message - We are happy to help!

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Ask a Question
  • will this work on the Panasonic AG-HMC40P video camera, and do you have the wall plug power charger that it plugs into

    this will be exceedingly difficult to find.  the tech bulletins were silent on the adapter that goes from the camera to the grey box.  the grey box has been discontinued - some business still have it for a silly price.

  • Do you carry the DC cable for the PV-GS300 MiniDV camcorder

    this cable comes in three parts and all sold separately.

    the first part is a grey brick.  we will call this part 1.
    part two is a cord that goes from the grey brick to the wall.  we will call this part 2.
    the third part is a cord that goes from the grey brick and has a special end that plugs into the back of the camera.  we will call this part 3.

    Parts 1 and 3 - go obsolete and then come back to stock.  Before we dig, which we are happy to do for you - which part or parts are you needing?

  • Will this work with the PV-GS500? It looks like the same connection, but It is not on the list.

    panasonic is pretty good about noting which parts can be subbed.  panasonic does NOT list any substitutes for the original connector.  some of these look similiar but there are minor variations.