OEM Onkyo Remote Control Originally Shipped With: TXNR737, TX-NR737, TXNR838, TX-NR838


Brand: Onkyo

Product Description

This Is A True Onkyo Part! This Is NOT A Generic Part! Don't See Your Model Number Listed? Send Us A Message - We Are Happy To Help!

Model: TXNR737, TX-NR737, TXNR838, TX-NR838

This Onkyo Remote Control originally shipped with the following Onkyo devices: TXNR737, TX-NR737, TXNR838, TX-NR838.

This is a TRUE Onkyo part! Don't see your model number listed above? Simply send us a message so we can assist you in purchasing the correct Remote Control!


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  • Has this part been discontinued ? and if so what would replace it? I have a TX-NR838 remote RC-882M

    here is the short answer - use the following link to complete your purchase.  we will ship in about two weeks.  we did update the pricing.

    long answer - onkyo was recently bought out.  for about 6 months after they were bought out - they did not sell any replacement parts.  this is why finding their remotes are so difficult.  so they have started shipping parts - but they are very slow.  we are keeping our orders with onkyo to a minimum - we are inputting our next order in the next 48 hours and are happy to put this on order for you.  but please know that when we input an order - we don't expect to receive it for about two weeks.  hence our lead time.

  • Do you have a replacement for an Onkyo TX 904 multifunction Remote control, controlling various components of the system. Unfortunately it’s very old but only the remote is not working.

    there is an RC code on the bottom of the remote - try searching for that code.  if you send me some pictures - happy to look through our stock.  i don't have an image of the original remote.  with the older remotes like this - searching the internet for a picture is a great way to find the incorrect picture.  send us a picture - we can't promise that we will have a sub but can promise that we will look through our inventory.  mm

  • TX NR 717 onkyo receiver remote control ? Do you have one

    Onkyo was recently purchased so new stock has ceased - not good.  we have run through much of our onkyo stock.  try searching for RC-836M.

  • i need remote for onkyo nr 616 which i believe is an rc 827m. do you have that?

    Thanks for the question!  The correct remote is actually RC-837M.  We currently do not have stock in this remote as Onkyo has been hit hard by the virus.  The best sub is actually an Integra remote.  Note, Onkyo owns Integra - virtually the same remote but branded a little differently.  Click HERE for the Integra substitute.  If you require a remote that has Onkyo on it - let us know and we can do some digging for an Onkyo sub.

  • Does this remote work for only one receiver TX-NR626? This one came up on my search but I don’t see that particular receiver number listed for this replacement remote?

    thank you for the question.  if you click HERE, you will be directed to the correct remote.  if you prefer long links, here you go!  https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/oem-onkyo-remote-originally-shipped-with-htrc560-ht-rc560-txnr626-tx-nr626

  • Do you have a remote for Onkyo tx-sr608

    thank you for the question.  the original remote is a RC-765M.  This remote is discontinued.  we think that we can find a good onkyo replacement - reply in kind if you would like us to locate a new onkyo substitute for you.

  • Looking for the true replacement remote for an Onkyo rx 810 remote

    do you mean, TX-RZ810?  if yes, simply click HERE for the offering.  we only sell new.  we only sell OEM.  if you prefer long links, here you go!  https://www.parts-distribution.com/products/new-oem-onkyo-remote-control-shipped-with-tx-nr777-txnr777-tx-rz810-txrz810