NEW OEM Samsung Refrigerator Door Bin Basket Shelf Originally Shipped With RS25H5121SR/AA (0002), RS25H5111BC/AA


Brand: Samsung

Product Description

This Is A True Samsung Part! This Is A Stock Item And Immediately Ships! Don't See Your Model Number? Send Us A Message!

Model: RS25H5121SR/AA (0002), RS25H5111BC/AA

This New Samsung Refrigerator Door Bin Basket Shelf originally shipped with the following Samsung devices: RS25H5121SR/AA (0002), RS25H5111BC/AA

This is a TRUE Samsung part! This item is NEW. Don't see your model number? Send us a message as we are happy to help!


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  • Good morning! I am looking for a door shelf replacement (bottom) for my Samsung RB197ABRS model (RB197 Series). I cannot seem to find replacements for this model anywhere and wondering if you have compatible parts. Dimensions are 26" x 7". Thank you so much! Gina Kelly

    Thanks for the question - i can appreciate why you have had some difficulty locating this part - i think we have identified the part - but i need your eyes and thoughts to finish nailing this down for you.  first, there appears to be two long bins in the refrigerator section - they are about 30 inches long ( this is a rough measurement ) - does length seem about right?  also, click HERE for a picture.  I am confident that your bin is #7.  notice the back how it is straight.  the product description also leads me to believe that this is the correct bin.  #6 - the back is not straight - note the red arrow - I don't think you are referring to #6.

    In summary:
    1.  does 30 inches sound about right?
    2.  In the picture, does #7 look right to you too?