Epson Artisan Stacker Assembly / Output Tray: 700 710 725 730 800 835 837

Up for sales are stacker assemblies / output trays.  These trays fit the:

Artisan 700, 710, 725, 730, 800, 835 and 837. 

Normally, when this part breaks, the piece that attaches directly to the printer does not break.  The telescoping pieces are what normally break.  The telescoping pieces are not sold separately.

On your unit, if the piece that attaches directly to the printer has broken, the unit has to be torn down to replace this part.  If the telescoping pieces are broken, it is easy to disassemble this part to get what you need.

To disassemble the pieces to obtain what you need, simply flip the stacker assembly over and gently pry the plastic tabs and pull the extended portion of the tray.  Easy as that.  Be gentle as the tabs can break.

Please be sure to test taking apart a stacker tray using your broken one first.  If you break a recently purchased item trying to take it apart, please note that there are no free replacements.  Next, we take no responsibility to the suitability of this part to your particular purpose and this information is supplied as is.